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STEM Resources


Scratch: Programming with blocks Fun intro to programming
MakeCode: Scratch meets Minecraft
Raspberry Pi: A $30 computer with an active community
Unity: Game development platform (free for students 16+)
Blender: 3D animation
AI for Beginners ( AI for Beginners
IMSA/IAGC Learning Enrichment Engine 
DoD STEM Scholarships & Grants - SMART Scholarship



MehtA+: Camps, Workshops & More
Khan Academy: Amazing breadth of subjects
Coursera: College level courses, many free
MIT OpenCourseWare: Free materials from 2600+ MIT courses
Games: Kerbal Space Program. Minecraft Education Edition. Portal.
Praxent Resource Ro
undup: Coding Information and Resources for Kids
STEM Kids Chicago: Events and camps in the Chicago area
STEM Du Page: Events and activities

Nominus: Coding and Games



Microsoft Resources

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