2020-2021 Grants

Virtual Field Trip

Adrienne O'Brien

Fees for a virtual field trip for Chicagoan International Children Film Festival for 4th and 5th grade extended reading students and ESC students.

Advanced Lexile Novels

Susan Le Fevre

Advanced novels for students in extended English at Station Middle School.

Academic Contests

Lisa Christianson

Various academic contests, including Noetic Math, GeoBee, Spelling Bee and WordMaster for all students in all 220 elementary schools.

Summer Exploratory Kits

Lori Ford

Tools to elicit creativity, scientific thinking, logic/reasoning, and physical movement for extended students at Sunny Hill.

Diversity Toolkit

Kelly Haradon & Pamela Katchen

A diversity, equity, and inclusion toolkit to be used with extended students at Lines and Hough.

Classroom Technology

Amy Boucek

Concurrent learning technology for extended students at Prairie Middle School.

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Some BCGT Previous Grants

Noetic Math

Vonnie Check

Noetic math competitions for North Barrington.


Tangy Tuesday Puzzles

Michelle Miller

Mathematical puzzles by Greg Tang purchased for the Countryside extended classroom.


STEM Escape Room

Kara Stengren

Digital bundle of Escape Room scenarios on various STEM subjects for middle school extended science students.


Various Academic Contests

Lisa Christianson

Various academic contests at Lines Elementary, including Noetic Math, GeoBee, Spelling Bee and WordMaster.


Civics Books

Georgia Nelson/Patti Haney

Last series of books in Civics Education for the ESC Classroom at Hough.


Flexible Furniture

Todd Wiencek

2 modular table/work/desk sections for the extended classroom at Grove Elementary.