Welcome to BCGT: Connecting members online and in person

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

We hope you are enjoying the new features of our communications and engagement strategy. The strategy is simple. Create meaningful and fun events for both caregivers and kids, create engaging online content and provide a communications channel for members to connect online and in person.

That last element is what we are trying to do here. Any member can sign up for a wix account and subscribe to our website so that they can participate in our online forum and view member only news. With the Wix app, you are able to chat with other members as well as be part of groups, whether that is a 2e group, a group to start a book or robotics club, whatever it may be.

We will only share event photos on this private member news site, so message us right away if you want any photos in which you or your children appear. We want to respect your privacy.

We hope you enjoy these new features. Please email us at with any questions or feedback.

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